From the Grove to the Table

One of our greatest satisfactions is being able to harvest the olives, bottle and send our freshly pressed oil directly to the table of olive oil lovers just in time to share the winter ritual of 'olio nuovo' with friends and family for the holidays.

Janet, transplanted from California, and Stefano, whose family had worked the land for generations, bought a small olive grove near their home in Impruneta in the 70's and began producing their own olive oil as a hobby, but it soon became a passion and in 1983 they created the Sagittario label.

The logo, from a majolica made in the 1400's by Luca Della Robbia, depicts how extra virgin olive oil has been made for centuries in the hills surrounding Florence in the season of Sagittarius.  Even 600 years ago in Tuscany, farmers climbed into the trees to harvest the olives rather than wait until they were ripe enough to fall or be knocked down, resulting in the distinctive taste and nutritional quality still found in Sagittario.