A small selection from our current favorite producers whom we respect for their commitment to sustainable work and loyalty to terroir.

These three producers don't use herbicides nor chemical fertilizers, cultivate native grape varieties, and only use indigenous yeasts present in the grapes and cellar for the fermentation.

AGRICOLA OTTOMANI (Impruneta/Greve in Chianti, Firenze) www.ottomanivino.com
Four young friends, literally 8 Hands (Ottomani), all from Impruneta and with an enology background started to work together in 2006.
They have been producing increasingly exceptional wines with biological - biodynamic techniques The new Sangiovese in Anfora from Impruneta, the land of Terracotta, is one of our absolute favorites.

FATTORIA LE MASSE (Barberino val'Elsa, Firenze) www.fattorialemasse.com
In a beautiful piece of land in Barberino val d'Elsa, Robin, his mother Christiane (originally from Berlin) and his sister Lea, all very creative souls, started to bottle and label their own wine a few years ago.
They are also practicing biodynamic agricolture; their 100% Canaiolo "Timeo" is an expression of their passion and spirit.

TERRA D'ARCOIRIS (Chianciano terme, Siena ) www.terradarcoiris.com
Paola, orginally from Rome and Walter, Suedtiroler, now in their late 60s, have been taking care of more than 30 hectars of land in the Valdichiana, for the past 30 years, producing beautiful Wines, Apples, Grappa, Olive oil.
Now Florian, the youngest of two sons is taking over with exceptional enthusiasm and knowledge.
They have very old vineyards and follow one simple rule: that the art of wine making is to discard what is unnecessary from the grapes.

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